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October 23, 2017
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Are you an older teen or adult who hates their smile but thinks it’s a little too late to get braces? While we know that many people as they invisalignget older may not like the idea of wearing brackets and wires on their teeth for a year or two, what if our London, ON, dentists at Dr. Rondeau & Associates told you that you could straighten your smile more discreetly without metal braces? It's now possible with the help of Invisalign.

No doubt you’ve already heard about Invisalign, a revolutionary system that uses a set of clear aligners that fit over your teeth to shift them into the proper place over time. Each aligner is tailor-made to fit your teeth, so it will provide the perfect fit each time.

Not only that but also these aligners are made from clear, flexible medical-grade plastic, so they are completely transparent. This makes the treatment a lot more discreet, so people won’t initially be able to tell that you have braces.

Here are some facts you should know about living with Invisalign:

  • Aligners are removable so you won’t have to brush and floss around metal brackets and wires. Your oral routine remains entirely the same as it did before you got braces. Also, you can enjoy eating all of your favorite foods without restriction, since aligners can be removed prior to eating or drinking.
  • Even though aligners are removable, you’ll still want to wear them for about 20 to 22 hours every day to ensure that you get the results you want.
  • In order to keep your aligners stain-free and transparent, this means that you’ll also want to maintain and clean them every day. There are Invisalign cleaning kits out there that you can use to make sure your aligners remain transparent and free of bacteria.
  • You’ll change out your aligners every two weeks. Over time, you’ll begin to notice subtle changes in the shape and alignment of your smile.
  • You’ll also need to visit our London, ON, office for checkups about every six weeks to make sure that you are getting the results you want, that your teeth and gums are still healthy, and that your treatment is on track.

Do you want to get Invisalign in London, ON? Are you ready to take the next step to find out if you are an ideal candidate for treatment? Then it’s time you called Dr. Rondeau & Associates today at (519) 455-4110 to schedule your consultation.

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September 05, 2017
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Using functional appliances with orthodontics you can help your children achieve a beautiful smile. Mouth-breathing can cause narrow Orthodontics arches and imperfections in a child’s mouth. Thanks to the help of Dr. Rondeau & Associates in London, Ontario, these imperfections can be remedied.

About Orthodontics

Children should be evaluated as early as age 5 to guide the growth of their permanent teeth. Early treatment helps regulate both the width of the upper and lower jaws and to gain the proper space needed for permanent teeth. This also reduces the chance of impacted permanent teeth and can eliminate speech problems too.

1. What can narrow jaws or deep overbites cause?

Without proper orthodontic treatment, patients can feel neck pain, ear aches, ringing in the ears, clicking or locking jaw, facial pain, and difficulty opening the jaw.

2. What is the Twin Block Appliance?

This appliance moves an underdeveloped lower jaw forward to its correct position. This can help to eliminate jaw or TMJ problems as well as other symptoms mentioned above.

3. What is the Rick-A-Nator appliance?

This does the same as the twin block, but it also can correct a deep overbite. Those with deep overbites often get headaches that can be eliminated with the use of this device.

4. Can orthodontics help with speech development?

Narrow jaws can make the tongue feel confined and interfere with speech. Functional appliances can help to enlarge the size of the jaw, making room for the tongue. This helps improve their speech.

Orthodontics has been proven to help a variety of situations for both children and adults alike. These helpful devices can reduce the chance of painful or costly dental procedures in the future. For more information on orthodontics in London, Ontario and to schedule an appointment today, call Dr. Rondeau & Associates at 519-455-4110.

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June 28, 2017
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What your dentist in London, Ontario wants you to knowsnoring

Occasional snoring is nothing to worry about, but if you wake up choking or gasping for breath, you may have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can shorten your life. So how do you know if you have sleep apnea? There are some definite signs and symptoms to look for. Dr. Brock Rondeau at Dr. Brock Rondeau & Associates in London, Ontario, Canada wants to share his knowledge of the signs, symptoms, and treatment of sleep apnea.

When you suffer from sleep apnea, the tissue at the back of your airway relaxes and blocks your airway while you sleep. Your blocked airway results in interrupted breathing all through the night. Your vital organs don’t get enough oxygen to function well. Eventually, sleep apnea can cause a stroke, heart failure, diabetes, impaired memory and other serious health issues.

There are some definite signs and symptoms to pay attention to:

  • Chronic loud snoring
  • A sore throat when you wake up
  • A headache when you wake up
  • Waking up gasping for air or choking
  • Chronic drowsiness during the day

Fortunately, there are effective ways to treat sleep apnea. The traditional method is wearing a Continuous Positive Air Pressure machine, also called a CPAP. You wear the CPAP over your nose and mouth and it delivers a continuous flow of oxygen while you sleep. Some people find the CPAP uncomfortable to wear and stop treatment.

Dr. Rondeau offers another solution which is more comfortable and easier to wear. It’s called the Oral Mandibular Advancement Appliance. It covers your upper and lower teeth and shifts your lower jaw forward while you sleep. The tissue at the back of your throat can’t collapse, so your airway stays open and you breathe normally. The oral appliance is easy to clean and portable.

For more information about sleep apnea and sleep apnea treatment, please visit the sleep apnea page on the website at

Get some relief from annoying and unhealthy sleep apnea symptoms. Don’t wait, because the health of your body depends on it. Get some help today by calling Dr. Brock Rondeau at Dr. Brock Rondeau & Associates in London, Ontario, Canada today!

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May 23, 2017
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What your dentist in London, Ontario, wants you to knowsleep apnea

Sleep apnea can shorten your life, and unfortunately, it is also very common. 18 to 20 million adults are diagnosed with sleep apnea, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Fortunately, your dentist can often treat sleep apnea very effectively with a simple oral appliance. Dr. Rondeau & Associates in London, Ontario, wants to help you discover how oral appliances help prevent sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is different from occasional snoring. If you have sleep apnea, the tissue at the back of your throat will relax and block your airway. This happens several times during the night, resulting in a lack of oxygen flowing to your vital organs, including your brain.

Sleep apnea causes annoying symptoms like sleepiness during the day and inability to concentrate, but it can also contribute to serious medical conditions including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Memory impairment

Traditionally, people with sleep apnea wear a Continuous Positive Air Pressure machine, called a CPAP. The CPAP delivers a continuous flow of oxygen into your nose through a nosepiece. There are several problems with the CPAP including:

  • Poor fit
  • Discomfort with the appliance
  • Difficult to clean
  • Bacterial contamination

Thankfully, you now have a much better choice! It’s called an Oral Mandibular Advancement Appliance and it is available from your dentist! You wear the appliance when you go to sleep and it works by moving your tongue and lower jaw forward when you are sleeping. Your airway is kept open and you experience normal breathing and a deep, relaxed, continuous sleep.

Dr. Rondeau will custom fit the appliance just for you to ensure comfort and a great fit. There are many reasons why people choose the Oral Mandibular Advancement Appliance instead of CPAP. The Oral Mandibular Advancement Appliance is much more:

  • Comfortable
  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • Hygienic

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, before you invest in a CPAP machine, consider a better solution, the Oral Mandibular Advancement Appliance! Don’t suffer from sleep apnea when relief is just a phone call away. Call Dr. Rondeau & Associates in London, Ontario at 519-455-4110. Find out more about how your dentist can treat sleep apnea by calling today!

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May 08, 2017
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Fillings seal off a small hole in the tooth removed because of a cavity. These cavities are caused by decay. This filling will prevent decay fillingsfrom spreading further into a tooth, which if left untreated could potentially cause the tooth to need a root canal procedure. A family dentist in London, Ontario, from Northland Dental Centre, can give you a full dental examination to determine whether or not cosmetic fillings will restore your teeth.

More About Cosmetic Fillings

A composite filling is a popular choice for those that don’t want their fillings to show. It combines plastic and glass and bonds directly to the rest of the tooth. They require less drilling of the tooth than that of a standard silver filling, which is great for teeth that are at a risk of cracking.

Porcelain is another option and is strong and doesn’t stain like composite fillings do. They are more expensive but more durable over time and a great choice for a younger patient, or someone at risk for broken or cracked teeth. A family dentist in London, Ontario, from Northland Dental Centre, can offer you the best options for your particular oral health situation.

To learn more about cosmetic fillings to improve your simple, call your family dentists from Northland Dental Centre in London, Ontario, to learn more about your options. To schedule an appointment today, call their Ontario dental office at 519-455-2551.

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