Why Get Adult Braces? 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Reason for adult getting braces

As an adult, you may find yourself looking in the mirror at your teeth wondering if it is too late for braces. You have lived with your crooked teeth for this long—does it make sense to take the step to get braces at this point in your life? You may consider getting braces a cosmetic choice—straight teeth will make you feel more confident. Is that a good enough reason to get adult braces? But it turns out that straight teeth have far more health benefits than you’d expect!

Surprising Health Benefits of Adult Braces

  1.  Less teeth trauma. The act of chewing puts pressure on your teeth at every meal. While it may not seem like a problem, this pressure is repeated several times a day. Misaligned teeth and a bad bite puts pressure on the wrong areas of your mouth, causing regular increased wear and tear on teeth. Over several years, this can lead to weak spots and an increased chance of chips or cracks in the teeth. A good bite can correct the problem and evenly space out the pressure.
  2. Improved periodontal health. Teeth that overlap offer spaces for bacteria to grow—especially if your toothbrush cannot get beyond the overlap. Therefore, a bad bite and crooked teeth can make it incredibly difficult to keep your teeth and gums clean and clear from bacteria. This leads to an increased chance of gum disease. Gum disease leads to gum recession, which can lead to eventual teeth loss. Adult braces will straighten your teeth, making it easier to clean and prevent bacteria, keeping those gums and teeth healthy.
  3. Improved breath. Bacteria in your mouth can cause chronic bad breath. Again, adult braces can clear up this issue, making it easier for you to clear your mouth of bacteria and keep your breath fresh.
  4. Less TMJ issues. Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that connects the lower jaw to your skull. Sometimes, a bad bite over time can cause wear and tear on this joint, which can lead to head and neck pain, migraines, pain when chewing, jaw locking, and more. When you have a good bite, you put less strain on the TMJ and allow it to function properly.
  5. Better digestion. When you can’t bite properly, chewing your food can become an issue. Not only does this make it less enjoyable to eat, but it can make it more difficult for your body to process the food you swallow. Adult braces can get you that good bite, which will allow you to chew properly and aid in good digestion.

And the great news is, when you get adult braces, you get all of the above benefits—plus that great smile you’ve always wanted. Also, clear aligners make the process of having adult braces easier and more discreet than ever.

Considering getting adult braces and getting on your way to good oral health and a great smile? Make an appointment to visit Rondeau and Associates today for a consultation!

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