8 Myths about Adult Orthodontics

myths about adult orthodontics

8 Myths about Adult Orthodontics

When you think of braces, odds are your brain reflex is to picture a teenager going through their awkward years. Reality, though, is that straightening your teeth can happen at any point of your life—from early orthodontics as soon as four years old through adult orthodontics—finally getting that healthy bite and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted! And you might be surprised that getting braces as an adult comes with huge benefits beyond the cosmetic. We wanted to take a minute to dispel some of the myths you’ve heard about adult orthodontics and getting braces after your teen years. 

1. Braces are for kids. This is downright not true. In fact, so not true that, according to the American Association of Orthodontics, in 2016, 27% of orthodontic patients in the U.S. and Canada were over 18 years old. 

2. You can be too old for braces. There is not an age limit for shifting your teeth into place to give you a good, healthy bite. Whether you need adult orthodontics to solve a medical problem, like cracking or weak teeth or you are in it for cosmetic reasons, age is not a limiting factor for treatment. 

3. Adult orthodontics will be embarrassing or interfere with my life. Taking care of yourself should never be embarrassing! And with the invention of clear aligners, adults can easily straighten teeth with minimal interruption. You can even remove your clear aligners for presentations and to eat, making the process smooth and simple! 

4. Adult orthodontics will take years. Orthodontic technology has progressed a lot in our lifetime! In fact, with clear aligners, the process averages around 6 months. 

5. Getting braces is not worth it as an adult. Believe it or not, adult orthodontics can help prevent a lot of health issues with your teeth later in life if you are correcting a bad bite. A good bite prevents unnecessary wear and tear, chipping, cracking, and painful procedures. And a good bite reduces your chance of gum disease. Not only will your teeth be easier to clean and take care of, but biting and chewing are easier when your teeth are aligned—a huge long-term benefit. 

6. You can correct your own bad bite with an at-home kit. At home treatment is NOT recommended. Adult orthodontics should be personalized to you, from a licensed professional. You can put your teeth and gums at major risk if you move teeth incorrectly. 

7. I already had braces as a kid, so I don’t need them now. Unless you are regularly wearing your retainer from your original treatment, your teeth can easily shift throughout your life! So getting your teeth realigned with adult orthodontics may be a great step to consider for both your dental health and cosmetic purposes. 

8. Dentures would be easier! With excellent orthodontics and dental care, your teeth should last you your whole life. Adult orthodontics can be part of a dental care plan that extends the life of your teeth.

Are you interested in learning more about adult orthodontics? Visit Dr. Sep and Dr. Rondeau for a consultation to see if it’s the right choice for you!

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