The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Young Teenage Girl With Orthodontic Braces

Though some patients wait well into adulthood to have their orthodontic issues corrected, it’s best to get this dental work done earlier in life. Orthodontics is important for cosmetic reasons and to ensure that your teeth are in the ideal position for eating, biting, and smiling. Find out exactly when it is best to get braces and the benefits of early orthodontic treatment at Dr. Brock Rondeau & Associates in London, ON.

What Is Orthodontic Treatment?Orthodontic treatment is the process of adjusting the position of the teeth using specialized oral appliances called braces. Patients want braces because they improve the look of the smile and help make the teeth more functional. Some patients have bite or jaw problems while others have issues with gaps between the teeth. Many young people have issues with tooth crowding, eye teeth, and teeth that protrude forward. These tooth concerns are best addressed at a young age.

Young Teenage Girl With Orthodontic Braces

Why Early Orthodontic Treatment?
Dentists recommend that children visit the dentist for orthodontics when they are between the ages of eight and 14. This is because their teeth and smiles are still developing and are most receptive to treatment. Here are some of the most notable benefits of early treatment from your London, ON dentist:

– Sometimes orthodontic issues can correct breathing problems and thumb sucking in children.
– Fixing the teeth will help improve the child’s self-esteem.
– The younger the child is when treated, the longer he or she will be able to enjoy a better-looking smile during his or her formidable years.

Tips for Getting Through Life with Braces
Young people rarely look forward to getting braces, but when the treatment is complete they will be thankful for many years. Here are some tips for successfully getting through a braces treatment:

– Use an orthodontic flosser and an electric tooth brush to clean between the teeth and around brackets.
– Avoid eating tough foods like steak or corn as much as possible.

Start Orthodontics Early
Dr. Rondeau & Associates in London, ON believes in early orthodontic treatment for children. Schedule a consultation appointment today by calling (519) 455-4110 today so that you can discuss every step. The sooner you start the process, the sooner your child’s new smile will be revealed to the world.

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