Which is better: braces or clear aligners?

Wondering if Braces or clear aligners are the best for you or your child?

You know you need to take a step to correct your bite and straighten your teeth. Now you may be wondering—which is better, braces or clear aligners? Each method is different, and people are often confused about which path is best for them. We’ll explain the benefits of each method and, of course, when you visit our practice, we’ll help you understand your personal needs and which is best for you! Then you can choose your best option, and either way, end up with that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

Benefits of braces.

Traditional braces use anchors and wire to pull teeth into place. The method is tried and true—here are a few of the benefits:  

Good for all needs. Braces are the most powerful way to move teeth into place, making it suitable for all cases—even the most complex corrections. Braces may be the best method to correct rotated teeth, severe overbites, large gaps in the teeth, and more. 

Compliance. Since braces are set to teeth and unremovable, the treatment has a more reliable outcome—it is a very controlled way to make sure the teeth move as planned. 

Less responsibility. You do not have to make any extra effort, beyond the usual brushing and avoiding sticky or hard foods when wearing braces. No need to find a place to keep your aligners when you eat. No need to remove them for drinking hot beverages or things that may stain. And there is no way to lose your braces. It’s a very straightforward approach to straightening teeth.

Benefits of clear aligners.

Clear aligners are invisible trays customized to fit in your mouth. Every two weeks or so you change to a different size, and over the course of time your teeth move into place. Here are a few benefits of this innovative technique:

Discreet. If you are self conscious about the process of straightening your teeth, clear aligners come with the huge benefit of discretion. They are clear, so most people can’t even tell that you are wearing them.

Removable. You must wear your clear aligners for a recommended minimum of 20 hours a day. This means you can remove them when you are eating, or even if you have an event where they would get in the way, like a sports event or presentation. 

Easy maintenance. Because you can remove the aligners to brush your teeth and floss, your oral hygiene is easy to maintain throughout your time with clear aligners. 

Comfort. Although shifting your teeth always comes with adjustment and a small amount of discomfort, regardless of method, clear aligners are smooth plastic, so they are easy on the gums and cheeks. 

The bottom line when you are considering braces or clear aligners is that either one can be a great option—it needs to be decided based on your personal needs. We can help you understand which is the best path for you that will end in a healthy bite and beautiful smile! Make an appointment to visit today!

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