Exploring the Link Between Fibromyalgia and Sleep Apnea

Fibromyalgia and Sleep Apnea If you are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, it’s a good idea to consider the possibility of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. While the link between Fibromyalgia and Sleep Apnea is still being explored, signs indicate a strong correlation between the two. In fact, a 2017 study found half of patients with Fibromyalgia were also […]

Treating Fibromyalgia and TMJ in London, Ontario

Patients in London who suffer from fibromyalgia are especially pain sensitive,which can make visiting the dentist difficult.  At Dr. Rondeau & Associates, Dr. Rondeau works with patients who suffer from Fibromyalgia in London, Ontario to reduce their painful symptoms. The fibromyalgia patient faces many daily challenges in accomplishing seemingly ordinary activities, but Dr. Brock Rondeau has […]