Does insurance cover orthodontics?

It happens to every parent, or every adult who is bothered by their own crooked smile. You know you should do something about it, but you also are sure it will be very expensive! You may be wondering a common question: does insurance cover orthodontics? The good news is, if you have dental insurance, it’s […]

10 Braces Facts for Your Next Trivia Night

Everyone loves to be good at trivia—let’s dive deep into some braces facts, history, and even some amusing info so you can impress your friends should the next trivia night head in the direction of our favorite topic! (And as they say, knowledge is power. Some of these fun braces facts are also a good […]

How Long Will My Child Need Braces?

Duration of Orthodontic Treatment When you realize your child may need braces at some point, you might wonder how long this will be a part of your life. Whether your child needs braces to straighten crooked teeth or to correct a bad bite, you understand that braces are extremely important to your child’s oral health, […]

Which is better: braces or clear aligners?

Wondering if Braces or clear aligners are the best for you or your child? You know you need to take a step to correct your bite and straighten your teeth. Now you may be wondering—which is better, braces or clear aligners? Each method is different, and people are often confused about which path is best […]

Should I get braces?

Reason for adult getting braces

Should I get braces? 9 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes Many people, especially adults, put off orthodontic and even dental work, considering it optional. But if you find yourself asking, “Should I get braces?”,  consider the following reasons why the answer may be an overwhelming “Yes!” 1. It’s not just about cosmetics. Getting your […]

Does My Child Need Braces?

does my child need braces?

Your Child’s Common Braces Questions Answered When your child needs braces—and many children do, with some early orthodontic treatment starting as young as 4 years old—it is only natural that they will have a lot of questions. Like anything new in life, kids are curious. And this curiosity serves a purpose. Answering their common questions […]