Should I get braces?

Reason for adult getting braces

Should I get braces? 9 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes Many people, especially adults, put off orthodontic and even dental work, considering it optional. But if you find yourself asking, “Should I get braces?”,  consider the following reasons why the answer may be an overwhelming “Yes!” 1. It’s not just about cosmetics. Getting your […]

Does My Child Need Braces?

does my child need braces?

Your Child’s Common Braces Questions Answered When your child needs braces—and many children do, with some early orthodontic treatment starting as young as 4 years old—it is only natural that they will have a lot of questions. Like anything new in life, kids are curious. And this curiosity serves a purpose. Answering their common questions […]

8 Myths about Adult Orthodontics

myths about adult orthodontics

8 Myths about Adult Orthodontics When you think of braces, odds are your brain reflex is to picture a teenager going through their awkward years. Reality, though, is that straightening your teeth can happen at any point of your life—from early orthodontics as soon as four years old through adult orthodontics—finally getting that healthy bite […]

5 Researched Ways A Confident Smile Can Improve Your Life

braces on smiling kids

As we are in the middle of the holidays, a Mother Teresa quote comes to mind: “Peace begins with a smile.” At Rondeau and Associates, we see a lot of people—from children to teens to adults—who are ready to begin their journey toward a confident, beautiful smile by getting braces. Many of them, especially adults […]

Why Get Adult Braces? 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Reason for adult getting braces

As an adult, you may find yourself looking in the mirror at your teeth wondering if it is too late for braces. You have lived with your crooked teeth for this long—does it make sense to take the step to get braces at this point in your life? You may consider getting braces a cosmetic […]

Early Orthodontics: Is it too early for my child to get braces?

children enjoying benefits of early orthodontics

If you are like every parent of the current parenting generation, you likely have seen your child’s peers at school, sports, or social events and wondered—why do some of their friends have braces already? We are used to the idea from our childhood that orthodontics is one phase of the teen years—we’d tease our bangs, […]