Locked Jaw: Why do I have a tight jaw, and what can I do about it?

Locked Jaw Why do I have a tight jaw, and what can I do about it? It sounds like the stuff of nightmares: your jaw is stuck in one position, open or closed. Any attempt to move the locked jaw results in extreme pain. You have experienced a tight jaw for a while, but this […]

Can TMJ Cause Migraines?

Can TMJ Cause Migraines? TMJ Dysfunction is also known as jaw joint dysfunction or TMD.  People who experience migraines are often desperate to find the cause and get out of pain. Migraines are debilitating, unwelcome interruptions to daily life. In the search for the cause, it’s a good idea to leave no stone unturned—after all, […]

What Are Top TMJ Disorder Treatment Options?

Top TMJ Disorder Treatment Options TMJ Disorder is a painful condition where your jaw does not function properly. You might suspect you have TMJ if you have frequent popping sounds in your jaw, pain in the jaw, ear, or face, or pain when chewing. It’s also known as the “great imposter,” since seemingly unrelated symptoms […]

Unexpected and Common TMJ Symptoms

Experiencing TMJ Symptoms?  “TMJ” is not a common term—unless you suffer from chronic jaw pain! A web search about this symptom will lead you right to TMJ, where you can learn all about TMJ, TMD, and what the terms mean. However, if you suffer from TMJ, it may take a while for you to discover […]

Bruxism vs TMJ: What is the difference?

Understanding Bruxism and TMJ Let’s face it: jaw pain is no fun. The jaw is such a huge part of your life, and most people can take all the work it does for granted. But when you have pain in your jaw, it affects the very basic things you do every day—talking, sleeping, eating. If […]

Treat TMJ Pain- How Dentists Can Help

woman with tmj pain in jaw

When you hear “dentist,” obvious associations come to mind: cleanings, fillings, fluoride. But dentistry has expanded in recent decades to be very important and critical to other areas of health as well. And it makes sense! Dentists spend their education specializing in the health of a very specific area of your body. Therefore many dentists […]