Bruxism vs TMJ: What is the difference?

Understanding Bruxism and TMJ Let’s face it: jaw pain is no fun. The jaw is such a huge part of your life, and most people can take all the work it does for granted. But when you have pain in your jaw, it affects the very basic things you do every day—talking, sleeping, eating. If […]

Treat TMJ Pain- How Dentists Can Help

woman with tmj pain in jaw

When you hear “dentist,” obvious associations come to mind: cleanings, fillings, fluoride. But dentistry has expanded in recent decades to be very important and critical to other areas of health as well. And it makes sense! Dentists spend their education specializing in the health of a very specific area of your body. Therefore many dentists […]

2022 Goals: Stop Teeth Grinding!

2022 Goals: Stop Teeth Grinding! Maybe you’ve found yourself a little more stressed than usual lately—but you want to do everything you can to relax, find peace, and step into the new year with hope. One common stress response is to display the stress physically, by tightening up in your joints. If you find yourself […]

TMJ Symptoms: How Do You Know If Your Jaw Pain Is Bad?

woman experiencing TMJ symptoms of jaw pain in the morning.

Open and close your mouth. Now think about how often you do that during a given day—and for how many functions that are vital to living. When you eat, talk, yawn or breathe deeply, express yourself, take care of your teeth, or even just get a drink of water, opening and closing your mouth is […]

Learn How We Can Help Relieve Your Stress

Are you feeling an unusual amount of stress or emotional physical tension in your body? It is no surprise that many people are feeling the effects of the way that we have been living for the past year. Our way of life has been transformed, and we have had to adjust to new ways of […]

Stop These Habits Before They Start

We all know that bad habits can be hard to break — they become a subconscious reaction that we might not even be aware of. For our TMD patients, it’s important to reduce or stop habits like nail biting or chewing on pencils, as they trigger pain in the TMJ. We recognize that this is […]