Meet Crystal

Treatment Coordinator, Administrative Receptionist

Joining the team in 2018, Crystal is an administrative and scheduling coordinator, overseeing the function and efficiency of our office. She will be assisting you with all your treatment scheduling and accounting needs, including communication necessary for understanding financing and your insurance claims.

More About Crystal

From: Dorchester, graduated from Medix, London

Why Dentistry as a Career:  Passion to help people in pain and discomfort.

Inspiration:  Everyday, I look at my children and love them unconditionally.  When I meet people, I think “What if they were my kids/mom/sister? and try to treat them accordingly.

Role Model: “My mother, who had a career and provided for our family.  I remember I wanted to be strong like her.”

A Favorite Quote: I strongly believe if you think positively, only positive things will happen.

Favorite Sports Team:  Pittsburgh Penguins because her kids love them so much.

Favorite Color:  Pink

Favorite Food:  Parmesan chips and fresh salad with salmon.

Something Interesting You May Not Know:  I enjoy sewing, not when I have to, but just for fun.

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