FAQs About Orthodontics

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Using functional appliances with orthodontics you can help your children achieve a beautiful smile. Mouth-breathing can cause narrow arches and imperfections in a child’s mouth. Thanks to the help of Dr. Rondeau & Associates in London, Ontario, these imperfections can be remedied.

About Orthodontics

Children should be evaluated as early as age 5 to guide the growth of their permanent teeth. Early treatment helps regulate both the width of the upper and lower jaws and to gain the proper space needed for permanent teeth. This also reduces the chance of impacted permanent teeth and can eliminate speech problems too.

1. What can narrow jaws or deep overbites cause?

Without proper orthodontic treatment, patients can feel neck pain, earaches, ringing in the ears, clicking or locking jaw, facial pain, and difficulty opening the jaw.

2. What is the Twin Block Appliance?

This appliance moves an underdeveloped lower jaw forward to its correct position. This can help to eliminate jaw or TMJ problems as well as other symptoms mentioned above.

3. What is the Rick-A-Nator appliance?

This does the same as the twin block, but it also can correct a deep overbite. Those with deep overbites often get headaches that can be eliminated with the use of this device.

4. Can orthodontics help with speech development?

Narrow jaws can make the tongue feel confined and interfere with speech. Functional appliances can help to enlarge the size of the jaw, making room for the tongue. This helps improve their speech.

Orthodontics has been proven to help a variety of situations for both children and adults alike. These helpful devices can reduce the chance of painful or costly dental procedures in the future. For more information on orthodontics in London, Ontario and to schedule an appointment today, call Dr. Rondeau & Associates at 519-455-4110.

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