What to Expect

Your Initial Orthodontic Appointment

After you check in with our friendly receptionists, you will meet our specially trained orthodontic dental assistants or hygienists who will escort you to our treatment rooms for a preliminary examination. Our staff will try and obtain as much information as required from you regarding your child before you meet Dr. Rondeau. This appointment will be approximately ½ hour.

Dr. Rondeau will welcome you to the practice and review all the paperwork and conduct an oral examination of your child’s poor bite or crooked teeth. (also see Adult Orthodontics) If Dr. Rondeau thinks that he can help you correct your child’s orthodontic problem then he will suggest that you set up a 1 hour records appointment to obtain all the necessary diagnostic records so he will be able to make a thorough diagnosis.

Following the records appointment, a final consultation appointment will be set up to explain the diagnosis and treatment plan and an estimate is given prior to treatment. If requested, treatment can start right away.

About Dr. Rondeau’s Philosophy

Dr. Rondeau’s philosophy is to treat children’s orthodontic problems as early as possible. It has been estimated that 75% of children by age 12 need orthodontic treatment. Since 90% of the face is developed by age 12, if you want to modify the growth of the face it is important to start early. Some children start treatment as early as age 5 if they are good cooperators in an effort to avoid more complex and expensive treatment later on. Some other orthodontic clinicians prefer to wait until all the permanent teeth erupt (after age 12) before starting treatment. This delay can result in the extraction of some permanent teeth and sometimes the need for jaw surgery at a later date.

Dr. Rondeau prefers to expand the dental arches with cemented or removable functional appliances worn in the mouth to relieve the crowding problem. Children and parents alike prefer this early treatment, non-extraction philosophy.  We are looking forward to meeting your children at the initial consultation appointment.