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Anterior Sagittal

The anterior sagittal is an upper removable orthodontic appliance that is used in the mixed or permanent dentition to correct anterior crossbites. The bite may be opened either with occlusal pads on the appliance or with composite buildups on the lower posterior teeth (primary molars if possible).

The primary function is to move the upper incisors forward to correct the anterior crossbite.

The appliance cannot be used if the upper incisors are flared. Ideally the anterior sagittal has 4 Adam’s clasps for retention and 2 side screws with the cuts in the acrylic distal to the upper lateral incisors.

The anterior sagittal is adjusted twice per week to avoid any discomfort for the patient. Early orthodontic treatment can correct early Class III malocclusions and prevent more serious and more costly procedures later on. Mothers want their children treated early in an effort to avoid orthognathic surgery when they are teenagers.

Posterior Sagittal

The posterior sagittal is a removable orthodontic appliance that can be used on the upper or lower arches primarily to distalize the molars.

Ideally the posterior sagittal has 4 clasps and a side screw for every molar that needs to be distalized. The cut in the acrylic is mesial to the molar being distalized. This is an ideal appliance to be utilized if there is an arch length discrepancy and the first molar has drifted mesially and possibly blocked out a bicuspid or a cuspid.

The posterior sagittal is adjusted twice per week to avoid any discomfort to the patient. The utilization of the posterior sagittal appliance can make space for the bicuspid and cuspids therefore preventing the need for the extraction of permanent teeth.

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