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Snoring and Sleep Apnea are two serious health problems today.  Snoring irritates the spouse and adversely affects marriages. However, sleep apnea occurs when the patient stops breathing for more than 30 times per night. This lack of oxygen causes problems including increased blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. Dr. Rondeau has been very successful in treating these patients with snoring appliances designed to move the lower jaw and tongue forward, which opens up the airway and solves the problem. Dr. Rondeau is a member of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and has been using oral appliances, which move the lower jaw forward for 18 years. If you or your spouse snore and you want more information on the subject, call our office for a consultation appointment.

Dr. Rondeau’s philosophy is to treat patients early with arch development appliances so you can solve many of the problems before the permanent teeth erupt. This approach ensures that the majority of his patients can be treated without the extraction of permanent teeth and non-surgically. His professional life is dedicated to treating patients and teaching the dental profession with a holistic and orthopedic philosophy. His objective is to help patients achieve straight profiles, healthy jaw joints and beautiful, broad smiles. Contact our office for an appointment!

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