What to Expect

A Preview of What to Expect at Your Initial TMJ/TMD Consultation Appointment


Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ or jaw joint) problems are extremely prevalent.  The American Dental Association states that approximately 34% of the adult population has at least one sign or symptom of TMJ (jaw joint) problems.

Please fill in any patient forms prior to your consultation appointment. These will help up thoroughly understand your problem so we can come up with an appropriate solution.  At your first visit, you will be greeted by our friendly receptionists and taken to one of our treatment rooms by one of our experienced TMJ dental assistants.   You will be here for about 1 hour.

In order to obtain more information about your jaw joint, we will take x-rays of your jaw joint and do a test called JVA (Joint Vibration Analysis) to determine if there is noise in either of your jaw joints when you open and close your mouth.  Both the X-rays and JVA help Dr. Rondeau to determine the extent of your jaw problem.

After Dr. Rondeau does a clinical examination he will take you into the consultation room to explain what he has seen and to discuss possible treatment options.  He will also tell you whether or not he thinks he can help you based on his preliminary diagnosis.  If the prognosis for success is favourable he will recommend that you make an appointment to come in for a complete set of records to help him make a thorough diagnosis.  This appointment will take approximately  ½ hour.

A final consultation appointment will be set up to explain the diagnosis and treatment plan and an estimate is given prior to treatment.  When treatment has started Dr.Rondeau will send an extensive report to all the health care providers to whom the patient requests.

Prior to your appointment, you will be supplied a copy of the TMJ Brochure which hopefully will be helpful in providing you with more information about your TMJ (jaw joint).  Patients are encouraged to bring any nightguards or TMJ appliances, made by previous dentists,  with them to the appointment.

We are looking forward to meeting you at your initial  consultation appointment.