What to Expect During Your First Days With New Braces

No matter your age, getting braces for the first time can be a little nerve-wracking. Dental braces are a device used in orthodontic treatment to align and straighten teeth. Getting braces is a unique experience and can take some getting used to over the first few weeks. We want to help you get a better understanding of what you or a family member may experience or can expect when getting braces for the first time to help with the transition period.

Before Leaving Our Office

After the braces and brackets have been placed on your teeth, it is important to get the feel of the braces with your tongue. Move your tongue over all of the teeth to ensure that no wires are poking your gums or tongue. Be sure that you fully understand what is expected of you between appointments. If you are receiving additional tools, such as rubber bands, make sure that you fully understand when they are to be worn and for how long. If you have any questions about cleaning techniques, it is important to review them in our office before leaving and make sure that you have all the supplies you need to avoid having to make an additional stop at our office between appointments.

The First Few Days

Soreness and discomfort can be expected for the first few days following the initial placement of braces. A pain reliever can be used to assist with the discomfort but shouldn’t be needed for longer than approximately four days. Soft foods are also recommended to help with the transition period. This is the perfect time to enjoy some soft favorites such as yogurt, macaroni and cheese, soup, applesauce, and pudding.

You might notice some discomfort on the inside of your lips and cheeks as your mouth becomes accustomed to the feel of the new hardware. After a few days, the soreness will fade, but if you are experiencing prolonged discomfort, you can try using some dental wax or reach out to our office for additional suggestions.

We are excited to assist you in your journey to straight, beautiful teeth. If you are located in the Ontario area and are interested in learning more about braces and if they are right for you or a loved one, please call to schedule a consultation today. We look forward to providing you with exceptional care and service!

Dr. Brock Rondeau and Team Rondeau

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