Why does my jaw hurt after sleeping?

Woman's jaw hurts after sleeping

Eliminate jaw pain from your life in 2020.

If you wake up with jaw pain, maybe one of your New Year’s resolutions should be to eliminate jaw pain and get back to pain-free living in 2020. Sleep should be restful, restorative, and good for your body. So why do you wake up with jaw pain? If you regularly wake up and feel sore or tense around the jaw, or your jaw just plain aches, you could be experiencing any number of issues related to TMD, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. The good news is, you can eliminate jaw pain—and it starts with one simple step!

What is TMD?

The temporomandibular joint connects your jaw to the skull. TMD is a painful condition where that joint is not normal, so it doesn’t do a good job cushioning and protecting the connection. TMD is not to be messed with—it can cause daily jaw pain, headaches and migraines, affect your speaking, and cause a loss of sleep. All of these lead to long-term health effects. If you suspect TMD, it’s best to be seen early for treatment!

TMD can be caused by any number of factors. It could be a displaced jaw—your jaw simply isn’t in the right position, causing wear on the joint over time. Or it can be caused by an external factor, such as trauma, or repeated grinding of your teeth at night that puts unnatural pressure on your jaw over and over again. It can also be caused by force you put on your jaw over time with sleep position for hours at night. TMD is not only painful, but it can be a major factor affecting your sleep at night, or your ability to wake up refreshed in the morning! 

Woman's jaw hurts after sleeping

Take the first step to eliminate jaw pain

Have TMD assessed with a free consultation. The best possible thing you can do to eliminate your jaw pain is to see a professional. Because so many factors can contribute to jaw pain, it’s best to have it evaluated. If you’ve been waking up with jaw pain for a while, no time is better than now to have your free consultation with our team of professionals! 

Benefits of a free consultation: 

  • Talk with professionals. Here we will discuss your jaw pain and the trouble it causes you. 
  • Actual tests and diagnosis. No more Google diagnosis of the problem—we will take X-rays of the jaw joint and do a test called JVA (Joint Vibration Analysis) to determine if there is noise in either of your jaw joints when you open and close your mouth. An actual view of what’s happening will help give a more complete and accurate understanding of your jaw pain!
  • Put a treatment plan in place! Dr. Rondeau can determine if you have TMD, and get you on your way to a personalized treatment plan. If you have a problem we can help, we will set up a complete records appointment. Then, at the next appointment, we will have a treatment plan prepared. 
  • Be on your way to pain-free living. You can begin treatment to eliminate jaw pain once and for all. Often, our approach is conservative—an appliance that can get your jaw back in alignment, with the cushioning you require to prevent pain and future damage. 

Hear from some patients: 

Pain-free living is a real possibility. Check out a few of our Google reviews from people just like you who suffered jaw pain: 

“Dr. Rondeau and staff are truly amazing. I have suffered with severe headaches, neck pain, jaw pain etc…for over 15 years. I spent many years trying different therapies that did not help. It was Dr. Rondeau who found the root of my problem.  Since I started TMJ treatment I have not had the headaches or pain and feel absolutely amazing. Thank you Dr. Rondeau and staff you have restored my quality of life!!!”

“Excellent results—so pleased with the outcome of treatment for my TMJ. Lengthy journey and commitment to get to this point where my quality of life has improved thanks to the expertise of Dr. Rondeau and his terrific team. Staff are knowledgeable, welcoming and SO personable they guide you through the entire process. Fortunately I am now pain free, no jaw clicking, clenching, headaches – appreciate the support!”

Benefits of early TMD Treatment

TMD progresses and gets worse over time—the earlier we see patients when they first start suffering TMD, the better. TMD comes in several phases—and if we see patients before TMD has progressed too far, we have the best chance of getting them out of pain in the easiest way possible. 

If you wake up with jaw pain and suspect you have TMD, visit our office for your free consultation. There is no reason to live with this pain! We can get you on your path out of pain in 2020!

Schedule your free consultation today.

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