Orthodontics For Adults

Have you ever been embarrassed by a misaligned smile or crooked teeth? If you’re thinking about braces, does a teenager with a mouth of metal brackets come to mind? People of all ages are getting braces to help them improve the look and function of their teeth.

There is no age limit to improving your quality of life with braces. Poor alignment can cause tooth decay, jaw pain, headaches, trouble eating, and sleep apnea. Choosing to wear braces resolves those oral health problems, and restores confidence in your smile and yourself.

Braces correct a variety of oral health problems such as:

  • Overcrowding or uneven spacing — It is common for teeth to become overcrowded or for large spaces to develop between teeth. When there isn’t enough space in your mouth for teeth to come in properly, they become overcrowded. When teeth are smaller than the available space, large gaps appear around them.
  • Overbite — An overbite is when the upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw. It can be caused by genetics or habits like nail-biting and chewing pencils or other objects.
  • Underbite — An underbite is similar to an overbite, but the jaw placements are reversed. In this case, the lower jaw overlaps the upper jaw. They are generally caused by genetics, but habits like mouth breathing and poor chewing can contribute to an underbite.
  • Open bite — An open bite occurs when a person’s upper and lower teeth do not come together when the jaw is closed, leaving a notable gap. Tongue thrusting, chewing on objects, and genetics tend to cause this issue.
  • Self esteem issues — A crooked smile can take a huge toll on a person’s self-confidence. It may cause someone to be afraid to smile in public or take photos.

Types Of Braces
The technology used in braces has improved over the years and offers a variety of options for adults.

  • Metal braces — Metal braces use metal brackets and wires that attach to the front of the teeth. They are the most common — although the most noticeable — form of braces.
  • Clear braces — Clear braces work just like traditional braces, but are less noticeable, which many adult patients tend to prefer. In some cases they can shift teeth into position quicker than traditional braces.

We are happy to discuss adult braces with you at our Ontario office and how they can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Brock Rondeau & Team Rondeau

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