How to Care For Your Retainer

How to care for your fixed retainer:

  1. Brushing – Take care to angle your brush properly and take enough time to make sure you clean the surface of your teeth — specifically behind your fixed retainer. Be thorough but also be gentle to ensure you don’t cause damage to the metal wire.

  2. Flossing – Proper flossing can be a bit tricky with a removable retainer. Consider using a Waterpik, floss threader, or special orthodontic dental floss to help you get your teeth clean.

  3. Keep Seeing The Dentist – Because there can be some difficulties associated with keeping your teeth and retainer debris-free, it’s a good idea stay on top of your regular dental checkups. This will help ensure plaque buildup and gingivitis risks are kept under control. Also, if the retainer comes loose please call your dentist right away to have it fixed.

  4. Avoid Damaging Foods – If you had traditional orthodontics or metal braces, you understand how important it is to steer clear of foods that can cause damage. The same goes for your permanent retainer. Try to avoid or moderate how much you eat of these foods:
    • Popcorn
    • Ice
    • Crunchy, sticky snacks
    • Nuts