Learn How We Can Help Relieve Your Stress

Are you feeling an unusual amount of stress or emotional physical tension in your body? It is no surprise that many people are feeling the effects of the way that we have been living for the past year. Our way of life has been transformed, and we have had to adjust to new ways of […]

Stop These Habits Before They Start

We all know that bad habits can be hard to break — they become a subconscious reaction that we might not even be aware of. For our TMD patients, it’s important to reduce or stop habits like nail biting or chewing on pencils, as they trigger pain in the TMJ. We recognize that this is […]

TMD In Children And Teenagers

Does your child complain about pain in their face or around their ear? Do they tell you they hear a popping or clicking noise when they open or close their mouth? These symptoms of TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder, can start off as an annoyance, but can continue to cause pain and irritation in the […]

Headaches and TMD in London: Find Relief Now!

If you are a patient in London experiencing headaches, you may be suffering from TMD—temporomandibular joint disorder. TMD is a painful condition that is often mistaken for those recurring headaches.  Teeth grinding can also cause serious problems with your jaw and if left untreated, this can adversely affect your teeth, gums and bone structures of […]